REMii Group continues to bring real change to the advice given by the financial services industry to the millions of businesses that are searching for the best strategies to accumulate real WEALTH.

The goal is simple: OPTIMIZATION.

Through our “Trusted Advisor” network of CPA’s, attorneys, real estate, mortgage and insurance professionals, we optimize results using REMii Group S.M.A.R.T. – Strategies to Maximize Assets while Reducing Taxes.™

REMii Group advisors will guide you to increasing profitablity by reducing business costs, managing cashflow, and reducing taxes. We then identify opportunities in highly tax-favored investments such as real estate, protect and grow those assets, and provide the most innovative mortgage products available on the marketplace.

Finally, using life insurance for tax-reduction, long term care insurance for asset protection, and “premium financing” for leverage, we can reduce the costs to the business owner and optimize the results in all areas of wealth accumulation and protection. We strive everyday to achieve this outcome and will continue to do so for the decades to come.